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Dr. Roger Coldren DC

Robin Coldren, ND    
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ACG (Acoustic Cardiographic) Testing

How is your heart functioning?
Why should you have this test performed?   The heart beats 40 million times per year, pumps one hundred gallons of blood per hour through a vascular system that, if extended, could wrap around the earth two and a half times. The heart is five thousand times more electro magnetically powerful than the brain.

In the early 1900’s the stethoscope was the most important diagnostic tool, and its use was developed to a very advanced degree.  From that time and continuing today the heart is found to be a very useful and reliable indicator of the individual’s health.

The acoustic cardiograph is a machine that charts your heart sounds much like an EKG does with the electrical impulses of the heart.  But, un-like the EKG that only shows abnormalities after the heart has been damaged; the ACG shows how the heart is functioning and can help us determine a course of action to improve your health before damage is done.

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