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"About 7 weeks ago I lifted a heavy object, because of this I developed back pain and was unable to do any of the many activities that I participate in regularly. After 7 Weeks with many medications and Dr's appointments, (I had been to the chiropractor, my family doctor, and a Cardiologist). My husband insisted that I fly from Tampa to see Dr. Coldren. I left my house in Florida at 6:30 am to catch the flight to Latrobe, when I left Dr. Coldren's office at 5:00 pm my pain was gone! I have been a patient of Dr. Coldren before I moved to the Tampa area. I plan on continuing to be a patient of Dr. Coldren's and fly up from Tampa several times a year for care." - Dorothy

"Roger is a miracle worker!"

"for Immediate care, they are there. . ."

"you can not imagine the relief I am feeling after years of pain"

"with one adjustment I started to feel relief"

"Roger gave me back my life!"

"With their help I am able to maintain a quality of life that is most satisfying."

"a great chiropractor and a great friend"

"my mental and physical well being improved dramatically"

"The staff is truly a blessing to good health" :)

"Do your self a favor and call to see what Coldren Chiropractic Wellness Center Can Do for you."

"I went to a cracking the bones chiropractor years ago -i hated it . . .I like the activator so much better."

"the staff is loving and caring "

"I like it here it's worth it. . . I'm worth it."

"If you like feeling well, this is the place that will go above and beyond to get you that way . . ."

" . . . only a call away 724-325-4042"

"their goal has always been to help patients firstgreat people"

"found nothing to be afraid of with the procedures Dr. Coldren uses"

" through the years my daughter has been bringing her twin boys as babies and has continued bringing all her children, plus her and her husband"

"Robin has helped me get more in touch with what my body wants and needs."

"whatever the care I need, whether it be an adjustment or nutrition, they are always there to help"

"being able to get out-of-bed without soreness and stiffness and having stamina for doing strenuous activity has greatly Improved my overall health"

"I really enjoy the time Roger and his staff take to answer questions and work with me to be healthier"

"Robin traces what your body needs vs. what you think you want and need . A simple straightforward and very interesting test. . .called muscle testing. See and experience this test for yourself –way cool"

"Export, Pennsylvania's best kept secret "Coldren Chiropractic Wellness Center15 minutes from Monroeville"

"All shapes, all sizes, all agesmen, women and children and in all degrees of pain. Come-in for a consultations and same day adjustment. What do you have to lose?"

"An adjustment of mind, body and spirit. When in perfect alignment life seems to fall into place"

"Feel better, move quicker –enjoy life!"

"Do you feel like crap? Roger and Robin can have you feeling better in a s-n-a-p!"

"Tender care, gentle hands, warm smiles and an ability to understand what the patient needs."

". . .they take the time to explain the how's of how they can help you you're not just someone in the waiting room waiting to be seenyou're special to them. "

"Learning seminars = knowledge they can pass along to their patients they seek the knowledge, so they can help more"

"with Roger's skill and knowledge he was able to give me tremendous relief from my pain"

"Roger saved my life!"

"I think Robin has found the secret to the fountain of youth!"

"Always greeted with a smile and a welcome."

"I drive three hours to continue my treatments!"

"they don't say can't . . they say "let's try this" and they do until you feel better and better – then ONE DAY you realize that YOU are without pain. WOW ! ! ! "

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